What do you actually do?

First and foremost we are builders...and gardeners.

The modern landscape gardener is both a builder and a gardener. They are responsible for the entire area outside of your house.

In a practical sense we will excavate the site, pour the foundations, construct walls and paving, build pavilions and pergolas, install outdoor kitchens and toilets, pool fences, bespoke barbecues, irrigation systems and garden lighting.

We also prepare and plant out garden beds, install lawns, plant trees and remove our rubbish at the end.

How does the process work?

We start with a set of plans outlining your dream outdoor living space.

With these plans and a visit to the site we can present you with a detailed and itemized quotation for the works. More detailed projects will require more information in the form of engineering, working drawings, soil report and the like in order to provide an accurate quotation).

If you are happy with the price we have offered you we will sign a contract and initiate the works.

We will obtain the necessary permits, approvals and insurances, then begin the works.

How do you work?

Live in Landscape is a small business andrun a small crew of experienced staff.

We typically run one project at a time and will be on-site full time fromstart tofinish.

With director Graham Bradtke being hands-on you will have a single point of contact throughout the project duration.

This all sounds great, but where do I start?

Everything starts with a good design. A modern landscape needs to be functional and provide both aesthetic and financial benefits. It needs to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

It should have a solid theme which compliments the rest of your home.  Most importantly it should be practical and usable.

Do you provide a design service?

No...and yes. Essentially we are a specialist construction business only.

You are advised to use a professional designer. You use an architect to design your dream home and the same principle applies to your outdoor living space. Whilst we have designed many gardens over the 25 plus years working as a landscaper we simply do not operate consistently in the creative environment nor have the powerful computer aided presentation tools necessary to provide you with the best design options.

Under very limited circumstances we will design and build. You will need to have a very clear idea on what you would like and be able to convey to us visually what you are trying to achieve.

Who does your design work?

You will notice looking through our work that much of the design is by OFTB Landscape Architects. We have worked very closely with OFTB for over 15 years because they are extremely good and I personally love their style. Their design presentation packages and documentation is first class.

We also work with a network of other design businesses across a broad spectrum of garden styles from traditional to modern.

Can you recommend a good designer?

Absolutely. Whilst the majority of our work is with OFTB Landscape Architects we do and have worked with many others over time. Based on your personal needs and aesthetic we will help direct you to the best people for you.

I know what I want. How do we start?

So you have a design and working drawings (or at least a thorough understanding of exactly what you need done).

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give Graham a call on 0411 590 549,  or submit a form via email.

We will discuss what you want to do and get the process moving.

How does the quotation process work?

In order to provide you with an itemized and detailed quotation for works we need to know exactly what the work is, how it is to be done, and where it is to be done.

This will require detailed plans and a specification, engineering, soil reports and as much detail as possible relating to the works and your expectations.

We also need to see the site to know exactly what we are facing and what the access restrictions will be.

The more detail we have the more accurate the quotation will be and the less chance of any misinterpretations.

If we have sufficient information we can provide a fixed price quotation. Otherwise we will give an estimate of costs or make a prime cost allowance.

Do you charge for quotations?

Preparing a detailed and itemized quotation is a long and complicated process. Being a small business we do not have the benefit of quantity surveyors nor a large turnover to absorb costs.

Generally the quotations process will require from one to three full days or more in the office to produce a working document.

Our quotations are extremely detailed and itemized so you can see exactly how the cost breakdown works.

Every item of the project is site specific and considered in detail without using standardized rates.

We are generally happy to prepare a quotation free of charge but please appreciate the effort that goes into this task. 

An estimated cost/budget should be discussed with your designer/landscape architect prior to asking for a detailed quotation.

Do I require a registered builder for my garden?

Yes. By law all building works over the value of $5,000 must be completed by a registered building contractor, and be carried out under a major domestic building contract.

It is an offence to enter into a contract to perform work that requires a registered building practitioner, and to carry out that work.

Director Graham Bradtke has been a registered building contractor since 2005.

DB-L 23996 Structural Landscaping

What are your qualifications?

Director Graham Bradtke is qualified to operate in the area of landscape construction


▪       Advanced Certificate of Landscape Construction and Design - University of Melbourne (VCAH Burnley campus).

▪       Registered Building Practitioner-Structural landscaping

▪       Master Tradesman -Master Builders Association Victoria

▪       Master Landscaper -Landscaping Victoria

▪       Environmentally certified Landscaping Industry Professionals (ECLIPS)

▪       ‘Green Gardeners’ accredited contractor


▪       Member Master Builders Association Victoria

▪       Member Landscaping Victoria (Formerly Landscape Industries Association of Victoria)

▪       Board Member Landscape Industries Association of Victoria (LIAV) 2004-2006

Who do you use to do the work?

Director Graham Bradtke is 'on the tools' and will be on site for the majority of the project duration.

The staff at Live in Landscape are employed on a full time basis and are either trade qualified or apprentices working under close supervision.

We do not use casual labor contractors.

For certain tasks we will use sub-contractors from a select list who will work under our direct supervision and controls.

Most of our work is done in-house in order to maintain the highest standards.